Dirty Dems Covering Their Fannies

Dems covering up for their pals at Fannie and Freddie:

Did I mention that it’s all Barney Frank’s fault?

Pop quiz: Quotes from the Collapse

What They Said About Fan and Fred:

Rep. Frank: I do think I do not want the same kind of focus on safety and soundness that we have in OCC [Office of the Comptroller of the Currency] and OTS [Office of Thrift Supervision]. I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation towards subsidized housing.”



Ace, Michelle and Jawa, among others are all over this story. Check it out:

Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated “Grassroots” Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them

Winner and Associates?

Corporate sockpuppetry for Team Obama?

Did Obama Fund Web-based Smear Campaign Targeting Palin?

Hiding the evidence?


Evidence from Jawa:

While not conclusive, evidence suggests a link to the Barack Obama campaign. Namely:

* Evidence suggests that a YouTube video with false claims about Palin was uploaded and promoted by members of a professional PR firm.

* The family that runs the PR firm has extensive ties to the Democratic Party, the netroots, and are staunch Obama supporters.

* Evidence suggests that the firm engaged in a concerted effort to distribute the video in such a way that it would appear to have gone viral on its own. Yet this effort took place on company time.

* Evidence suggests that these distribution efforts included actions by at least one employee of the firm who is unconnected with the family running the company.

* The voice-over artist used in this supposedly amateur video is a professional.

* This same voice-over artist has worked extensively with David Axelrod’s firm, which has a history of engaging in phony grassroots efforts, otherwise known as “astroturfing.”

* David Axelrod is Barack Obama’s chief media strategist.

* The same voice-over artist has worked directly for the Barack Obama campaign.

This suggests that false rumors and outright lies about Sarah Palin and John McCain being spread on the internet are being orchestrated by political partisans and are not an organic grassroots phenomenon led by the left wing fringe.

Who is the Dumberest Celeb of the Moment? Garofalo, Damon or Chase

Hey Commenters, who’s dumberer?

Janeane Garofalo

Matt Damon

Chevy Chase

Is Harry Reid the Future Herbert Hoover?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today, “John McCain woke up yesterday, surveyed the state of the U.S. economy, summoned the ghost of his fellow Republican Herbert Hoover and declared — and I quote — ‘the fundamentals of our economy are strong,’” Reid said on the Senate floor.

Dude: The funny and somewhat ironic thing about this quote is that future politicians will one day compare their terrible Senate Majority Leaders to the incompetent Harry Reid.

Dude: I can see it now:  Senator Bumble Bee Tuna said today, “Senator Blah Blah woke up yesterday, surveyed the state of the United States, summoned the ghost of his fellow Democrat Harry Reid and declared — and I quote — ‘the War is already Lost.’”

–The names were changed in the above quote because these people don’t exist yet.

Right Fight on the Hill

Reid: ‘No One Knows What to Do’

Disingenuous Dems Lying About Credit Crisis

Is it just an odd coincidence that former Democratic Party big-wigs have been running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the past 20 years?

I doubt it.

Both political parties had a hand in this crisis, but it is ultimately a Democrat problem–just ask Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi…

While the Dude is a former government reporter, he is certainly not an expert on Congress, so I’ll let Ed Morrissey over at the Greatest Website Ever, Hot Air, take it from here:

Barack Obama has made this point one of his major campaign themes, arguing that John McCain would provide more of the same failures that Bush did.  However, what many do not recall is that Bush wanted to tighten oversight with a new regulatory board for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other government recipients for the express purpose of addressing bad loan practices — and Democrats blocked it.

Here’s your chance, Dems, Defend yourself.

Take it away, Bernie Sanders:

”These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of financial crisis,” said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. ”The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”

OK, i guess. What do you think, Rep. Melvin L. Watt?

”I don’t see much other than a shell game going on here, moving something from one agency to another and in the process weakening the bargaining power of poorer families and their ability to get affordable housing,” Mr. Watt said.

Hmmm. I’m not convinced. What do you have to say Jamie Gorelick (Former Deputy Attorney General under [No pun intended] Clinton and former vice president of Fannie Mae)?

We believe we are managed safely,” Gorelick said in 2002. “We are very pleased that Moody’s gave us an A-minus in the area of bank financial strength — without a reference to the government in any way. Fannie Mae is among the handful of top-quality institutions.”

You know who they are

The Dude’s confidence in human kind is forever shattered:(

From David Frum at the NRO:

The two institutions have long been run not by bankers but by retired political figures, predominantly Democrats. From 1991 to 1998, Fannie Mae was headed by James Johnson, a longtime aide to former Democratic vice president Walter Mondale. Johnson’s successor, Franklin Raines, had served as budget director to Bill Clinton. Jamie Gorelick, vice chair of Fannie Mae from 1998 to 2003, served as deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration.

These figures have paid themselves impressive private-sector salaries. Johnson earned US$21-million in just his last year at Fannie Mae. Raines earned US$90-million for five years’ work at Fannie Mae. Gorelick got US$26-million.

Yet the companies never had to meet the discipline of the private marketplace. They paid no taxes, and they had access to a line of credit at the Treasury department. More ominously for today’s crisis: They were not required to provide anything like the level of information about their internal operations expected of a privately owned company.

Here’s more from the Internet:

Malkin: The fit hits the shan on Wall Street

Jamie Gorelick, Mistress of Disaster

Jamie Gorelick’s ties to Fannie Mae and What She’s Doing Now

The Real Culprits In This Meltdown

Jamie Gorelick: A 9/11 Disaster in the Making

Thanks to jgapinoy on Hot Air for providing this list of recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Campaign Contributions, between 1989-2008
Name,                       Party,               Grand Total
Dodd, Chris              D                     $165,400
Obama, Barack          D                     $126,349
Kerry, John                D                     $111,000
Bennett, Robert          R                    $107,999
Bachus, Spencer         R                    $103,300
Blunt, Roy H               R    $96,950
Kanjorski, Paul           D                    $96,000
Bond, Chris                R                     $95,400
Shelby, Richard          R                     $80,000
Reed, Jack                D                    $78,250
Reid, Harry               D                    $77,000
Clinton, Hillary           D                   $76,050
(McCain is not on the list!)

If you can’t trust the party of William Jefferson, Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, then who can you trust?

John Murtha: Still a Disgrace…

Anti-Murtha ad getting play in PA: (H/T HotAir)

Do the Right thing: Bill Russel for Congress

The Dude on Murtha:

Haditha Marine May Sue…

Murtha Refuses to Apologize to Exonerated Marines: Does Anyone Care?

This guy just makes me cringe…

This is the way Murtha’s original comments were reported Internationally. Sad.

This is Murtha refusing to apologize to acquitted soldiers…

Other news:

Help send Murtha packing

Boot Murtha

Crook and Liar

More on the Pennsylvania Conman:

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Uh-Oh, Murtha Caught On Tape Red-handed

Murtha the Betrayer?

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House Reprimand for Murtha?

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So much for trimming the pork

Shameful Reuters Story

Democrats: That Hurricane Gustav is freakin’ Hilarious!

Another classy move, Dems.

Former DNC Chair Don Fowler thinks it’s really funny that Gustav is going to hit New Orleans during the Republican Convention.

Are you laughing yet? …No? Well, maybe I didn’t tell it right. On second thought, just watch the video:

…In the immortal words of Charlie Gibson, “That is the most callous response.”

Divine Intervention?

Proof that there is a God in Heaven

A Real Class Act: John McCain

(H/T to Redstate for shooting the great video!)

Statement from SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson:
“The outrageous behavior of two of the Obama campaign’s highest profile supporters in the south is despicable, a cynical politization of life and death. I call on Barack Obama to immediately denounce Fowler and Spratt and demand sincere apologies from these members of the Democratic leadership.”

All Hail Caesar Obamacus!

They Will Never Learn: (Thank God)

NY Post

H/T: NY Post

Obama Campaign:

There are two podiums, a main one at the end of a runway centered on the stage and one at a lower elevation on stage right. The main podium is set up “in the round” so that the audience will be all around the speaker. The backdrop includes two large Greek pillars flanking a video screen at each end of the stage, and then eight smaller columns framing a classical style backdrop. There are ten stairs leading up to the main podium in the round. Black drapes covered up all advertising in the stadium.


UPDATE: *Britney and Barack’s Peeps


See the photos here

Temple of O

It’s all Greek

Sic Transit Gloria Obama?

Obama’s Greek Temple, Up Close

Caesar Obama Campaign Continues to Trample On Free Speech

Greek Comedy or Tragedy?

Second Thoughts?

Obama’s Set

Roman Temple of Minerva

**On a Completely Unrelated Note**

Dear Nancy: An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi

An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi

On Friday August 1, 2008, at 11:23 a.m., your Democrat majority in the House of Representatives adjourned the House for five full weeks.

House Republicans believe that Congress should not go on vacation until we take action to lower gas and energy prices for struggling American families.

For the last two months we and our House Republican colleagues have used every tool at our disposal to try and get you and your Democrat majority to vote on legislation to lower gas and energy prices by expanding environmentally sound domestic production of oil and natural gas, improving energy efficiency, and encouraging the development of alternative energy technologies.

Many of the proposals we have asked you and your Democrat majority to allow us to vote on are bipartisan proposals that we believe would enjoy the support of a majority of the Members of the Congress. Yet because you and your Democrat Leadership personally oppose these proposals, you are not allowing them to come up for a vote.  This past Sunday, you even told George Stephanopoulos that you will never allow this vote to occur ….

In protest of you and your Democrat majority not allowing an up or down vote on producing more American energy, we and our House Republican colleagues were prepared to take to the floor on Friday, August 1, 2008, and speak to the nation. Rather than allowing that to happen you and your Democrat majority adjourned the House, turned off the television cameras, shut off the microphones and turned out the lights. Nearly 50 House Republicans remained on the floor of the House in defiance speaking to those citizens gathered in the galleries and to the media.

Today we have again returned to the Capitol to continue speaking to the thousands of Americans from all across our country who are visiting the Capitol. We would have preferred if instead we were joined by our colleagues to have a true debate on this issue that ended in an up or down vote.

We think it is unconscionable that Congress has gone on vacation before we have addressed the high gas prices that are crippling our economy and hurting millions of families.  We are asking that you reconvene the House from your five-week vacation and schedule a vote on legislation to increase American energy production. Let us be clear, we are not asking for a guaranteed outcome, just the chance to vote.

Signed by: John Boehner, Republican Leader; Roy Blunt, Republican Whip; Adam Putnam, Republican Conference Chairman; Eric Cantor, Chief Deputy Whip; and Members of the House Republican Conference

Is Hillary Clinton Changing Her Vote?

She sure seems like a McCain supporter to me. Watch: