Racist, er, Redneck Congressman Jack Murtha Still a Douchebag

Congressman Jack Murtha is one of the all-time assholes in the United States Congress. He is a crook and a disgrace to Pennsylvania. His most recent antic, but certainly not his most contemptible, is that he called the people in Western Pennsylvania, whom he represents, racist.

To be fair, though, he did clarify his statement by saying they aren’t racists necessarily, just a bunch of rednecks. (And they’re racist, too)

Support Bill Russell instead.

By the Way, I am not, and have never been, a fan of Murtha. He is a jack ass of the highest order.

The Dude on Murtha:

John Murtha: Still a Disgrace…

Haditha Marine May Sue…

Murtha Refuses to Apologize to Exonerated Marines: Does Anyone Care?

This guy just makes me cringe…

This is Murtha refusing to apologize to acquitted soldiers…

Other news:

Help send Murtha packing

Boot Murtha

Crook and Liar

More on the Pennsylvania Conman:

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Porker of the Year

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Boot Murtha: Support Bill Russell

So much for trimming the pork

Shameful Reuters Story


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