I Am. The Dude.

I am Sarah Palin

Why REAL women like Sarah Palin

(Granted: It’s pretty cheesy. OK, really cheesy…but, Oh well, I had to post something.)


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  1. LOL, I did the same thing because I didn’t have time to write a long post this morning :). It’s cheesy but it shows how normal everyday women, mothers, career women, wives and girlfriends are sick of being told that what they feel instinctively as women– that they can work hard, achieve and still be loving mothers and wives– is wrong because a bunch of dried up old lesbo hags at NOW have proclaimed so.

    This is the backlash that has building against feminism for some time and Sarah Palin is just the catalyst.

    I invite you to view and comment on my blog as well http://www.americanarmed.blogspot.com

  2. I wonder if these woman are being paid for this video spot? Seriously, the comments by the these woman were off base. People are not making fun of Sarah Palin because she is a woman or has kids.

    People are questioning why McCain would pick someone like Palin who is to inexperienced for VP over countless other qualified Republican woman. Sarah Palin does not even support most issues favored by voting woman. McCain picked a unqualified woman that is easy on the eyes which most woman feel is a slap in the face.

    The only reason McCain picked Ms. Palin is because of her far right Christian credentials. What the crazy conservative Christian block does not understand is McCain like Bush can care less about them and are only being used and manipulated which is not to hard. Sarah Palin would have near zero input in a McCain administration.

    Dude, I figured would help you out in the comment department on your blog.

    Ideas and Revolution – If you’re not outraged you’re not reading this blog

  3. You’re right, they aren’t making fun of her, they are attacking her, and her daughter, and her baby boy, real class stuff I’ll say. Just throwing the slime against the wall hoping something sticks, still thinking they are somehow smarter than everyone else and no one will realize what they are up to.

    Do you really want to pull out the experience card when your party’s nominee is Barak Obama? I mean it, do you? REALLY?

    A few years in the corrupt circle jerk known as the Illinois state legislature and 143 days in congress without so much as a co-chairmanship of any comittee, and you think that is better than being Govenor of the largest state in the union? Really?

    Community organizer? Ummm, yeah, ok. I’ll put Sarah Palin’s leadership record and executive experience up against Obama’s any day of the week my friend. And Biden best pack a lunch for the upcoming debate. I think mama bears going to bitch slap him on national tv, then take his food AND his milk money. Of course the moonbats will then claim she cheated.

    So why didn’t Barak pick Hillary? 18 million people seemed to think she was qualified for the gig. So he picks Biden? There’s your “WTF?” moment bud.


  4. Pamela really outta say “I am….

    …freaking nuts.”

  5. To mj”revoltingpawn”

    What are YOU talking about? Are you the SPOKESMAN for MOST women in America?
    Why wouldn’t ‘women’ want a BEAUTIFUL, articulated women, with VALUES!!!!!! in parliament?
    We are not all jealous of beautiful women!
    I am SO glad that Sarah P IS beautiful, otherwise can you imagine how the dems would have been making fun of her THEN?
    The best they can do now, is to depict her as a PORNSTAR and you know what, THAT reflects badly on you know WHO? The liberals, NOT Sarah P or women who stand for what she stands for, OR Republicans!
    Speak for yourself and maybe you should leave it to WOMEN to decide what they want. I am not a far right religious woman, but I am a Christian woman and I am PROUD of Sarah Palin.
    haha, I love the way that she has those liberal feminists in a difficult spot, because they can’t really come against her, but they don’t want to be FOR her, hahaha!
    Where are their FEMININST ideas now?!

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