More Fair and More Balanced

Despite being castigated as a pro-Bush and pro-Republican network, on Sunday, Fox proved once again why it is the most balanced news network on television. It isn’t regarded that way, though, because to most people in this country, a balanced panel = right wing bias.

Exhibit A (h/t

MEET THE PRESS Panel:                        Fox News Sunday Panel:

  • Host–Tim Russert                                 Host-Chris Wallace
  • David Broder–Wash. Post                      Brit Hume–FNC
  • John Dickerson–Slate                            Bill Kristol– Weekly Standard; NY Times
  • Gwen Ifill–PBS                                      Mara Liasson–NPR
  • Andrea Mitchell–NBC                            Juan Williams–NPR
  • Richard Wolffe–Newsweek                  

Hmmm… 6 liberals on Meet the Press and two liberals, one Republican, one right-leaning anchor and a centrist on Fox News Sunday.


Editor’s note: It’s true that Fox has a right wing editorial point of view, but how is that any different from the editorial board at a newspaper. All major newspapers in the country have editorial points of view, and the other television networks all have liberal leaning points of view. The difference, I think, is that Fox News labels opinion as opinion and doesn’t pepper its news coverage with editorial opinions, as NBC News certainly does, and to a lesser extent, the rest of television news does. 

What do you think? 


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  1. Fox News is the most balance and most watched of all the rest! Obama only came to Fox because he needed the fox channel to get his message to the blue collar working class and knew that they mostly watch Fox News. 🙂

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